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The Complete Stories Of Flannery O' Conner

The publication of this extraordinary volume firmly established Flannery O'Connor's monumental contribution to American fiction. There are thirty-one stories here in all, including twelve that do not appear in the only two-story collections O'Connor put together in her short lifetime - Everything That Rises Must Converge and A Good Man Is Hard to Find.

O'Connor published her first story, "The Geranium," in 1946, while she was working on her master's degree at the University of Iowa. Arranged chronologically, this collection shows that her last story, "Judgement Day" - sent to her publisher shortly before her death - is a brilliantly rewritten and transfigured version of "The Geranium." Taken together, these stories reveal a lively, penetrating talent that has given us some of the most powerful and disturbing fiction of the twentieth century. Also included is an introduction by O'Connor's longtime editor and friend, Robert Giroux.


The geranium --

The barber --

Wildcat --

The crop --

The turkey --

The train --

The peeler --

The heart of the park --

A stoke of good fortune --

Enoch and the gorilla --

A good man is hard to find --

A late encounter with the enemy --

The life you save may be your own --

The river --

A circle in the fire --

The displaced person --

A temple of the Holy Ghost --

The artificial nigger --

Good country people --

You can't be any poorer than dead --

Greenleaf --

A view of the woods --

The enduring chill --

The comforts of home --

Everything that rises must converge --

The partridge festival --

The lame shall enter first --

Why do the heathen rage? --

Revelation --

Parker's back --

Judgement Day.

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