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Entrepreneurs and Corporate Leaders often find themselves in a fire fighting mode because their Next Line Leadership team either lack competence, confidence, commitment and/or ownership. These Entrepreneurs and Corporate Leaders often find themselves under stress and end up creating a limiting belief about what's possible to be achieved as a team. Goals set are either safe or are often missed, stakeholders are left unhappy, stress levels are high or the team is complacent and team members are disengaged. In such an environment, leadership is just a jargon used for describing something abstract and unreal. Entrepreneurs and Corporate Leaders need a proven system of engaging with their teams: •To develop competence of team members on-the Job. •Set & achieve goals that are challenging, inspiring and engaging. •Solve the REAL problems at the root cause level rather than the symptoms level. •Manage performance on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to stay on track and achieve break through goals. LEARN HOW... •Learn a Proven System of Leadership which can allow you to balance between Strategic Growth, Operational Excellence and People Development. •Learn how to engage people to build a High Performance Team. •Learn what have been the Success Mantras of Inspiring CEOs and Entrepreneurs. •Learn the Leadership Philosophies of India's 50 Great Workplaces. 


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