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Bloodborn (Five Lands Saga #3)

"Awe and immersion that only the best epic fantasy can inspire." -Gregory D. Little, author of the Unwilling Souls series Kenton and his people have sacrificed everything to collect the godstones, the only power that can hold back the onslaught of the tyrannical nation of Sevairn as it expands across the Five Lands. With the forces of deity in their hands, the godbearers are ready to begin their fight against Diamis, dictator of Sevairn and powerful blood mage. But Diamis is in the process of recovering his most powerful weapon—his daughter Daniella, created by dark magics and unimaginable cruelty—who he seeks to bring back under his control. The hell Daniella is about to unwittingly rain down on the whole of the Five Lands may rival the damage done by Diamis himself. Broken and battered as they are, Kenton and the godbearers have known all along that their quest to win back their homelands would take them into the stronghold of the dictator. Daniella has been their beloved friend, their powerful ally— But if she falls into the hands of the enemy, she may be their ultimate destruction. "Vivid worldbuilding, believable characters, and sinister magic combine to create a story worthy of the ages." -Nancy Fulda, author of Dead Men Don't Cry "Cara Witter weaves a tapestry of fascinating magic, forgotten deities, and political and military conflict, all while deftly balancing a huge cast of awesome characters . . . A series that will surely live up to the term 'epic.'" -Christopher Husberg, author of the Chaos Queen Quintet "Filled with adventure, mystery, and romance and driven by a well-rounded cast of characters." -Dantzel Cherry, author of "In All Possible Futures" and "Birthing Fire"


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