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Archie & Friends #125

THE SECOND PART OF A TWO-PART TALE BY POPULAR "WJHC" WRITER JANE SMITH FISHER! "Battle of the Bands, Part Two": In the aftermath of their rockin' contest performance, the Archies face a new challenge: a sponsor who will only cover half their prize travel expenses! Now the group must get jobs quickly to raise the money -- except Reggie and Veronica of course, who are riding on their parents' dimes. But will that free ride last? The rockers learn a valuable lesson about earning their own "fun money" and the value of good work ethics in the process! Not to mention how important it is to help those in need. A longtime advocate for kids' comics, writer Jane Smith Fisher has devoted her career to telling age-appropriate stories in series such as "Cybernauts" and the highly popular "WJHC," about a group of teens who start their own high school radio station. Jane has been embraced by librarians and schools across the nation. Now she brings her special voice for both young and female characters to Archie Comics in this rock n' rollin' storyline.


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